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The British Airways sale that’s not a sale

The British Airways sale that’s not a sale

If you’re kicking yourself that you missed the British Airways sale in July, you can relax. Looking through the company’s website tonight while planning a trip, we came across some cheap fares to from London Heathrow to Europe, in both economy and business class, many of which were at a similar or identical rate to the July sale. So if you fancy immersing yourself in the history of Rome or perhaps spending a weekend relaxing on the beaches of Palma, read on for some great deals.

British Airways at Heathrow, Terminal 5

When we found these fantastic prices, we just couldn’t wait to share them so we’ve gone through the British Airways website and picked out 12 each of our favourite economy and Club Europe fares.

Economy fares

Bilbao£23 each way
Luxembourg£24 each way
Palma£25 each way
Verona£27 each way
Warsaw£28 each way
Sardinia£28 each way
Seville£29 each way
Sofia£29 each way
Stockholm£30 each way
Reykjavik£39 each way
Corfu£39 each way
Dubrovnik£43 each way

Note that these are all hand baggage only fares and that you will have to pay for allocated seating, unless you have status which allows free seat selection.

Club Europe fares

Bilbao£74 each way
Dublin£78 each way
Genoa£78 each way
Venice£82 each way
Seville£95 each way
Porto£97 each way
Rome£103 each way
Tirana£105 each way
Palma£108 each way
Sofia£112 each way
Dubrovnik£126 each way
Reykjavik£138 each way

Club Europe fares at these prices are ideal if you need a cheap earning boost towards your next status level. Most of the above routes deliver 40 tier points each way, with some, notably Tirana, Sofia and Reykjavik, earning a whopping 80 tier points each way

Points to note

Seats at these prices will be very limited so you will need to book quite far in advance to find the cheapest fares. Some other things to bear in mind:

  • There is no ‘book by’ date for these fares, but be aware that prices can change anytime
  • Fares are based on availability and may not be available on your dates
  • The lowest fares generally require a Saturday night stay
  • You must book a return fare to get these prices

You can use the low price finder on the British Airways website to find more low fares. Leave the destination box blank to get a list of all fares.

Book with Confidence

While the lowest fares are generally non-refundable and non-changeable, it’s worth remembering that, with uncertainty over Covid-19 weighing on people’s minds, British Airways is currently allowing free changes to all new bookings. All you will pay is the difference in price. Alternatively, you can cancel your booking and get a travel voucher that is valid until 30 April 2022. This policy has recently been extended to include all new British Airways bookings made by 30 September, for travel to 31 August 2021.

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